Selected Work


The Exfoliator That’ll Take Your Old Face Right Off

July 2017


Chicago magazine

Queen of Cool: Famous for Her Chance the Rapper Overalls, Designer Sheila Rashid Launches Her First Full Collection

September 2017


Theater of the Real: Tanya Saracho Is Telling a More Modern’ Immigrant Story

September 2017


Signature Move’ Is a Queer Love Affair that Crosses Cultures and Chicago Neighborhoods

September 2017


Best of Chicago: 2017

August 2017 (contributing writer)



Why Can’t I Be You: Wendy Davis

The politician talks about taking a stand for what you believe in. 

May 2016


Just Wondering 

“Why am I so messy?!” Advice on tidying up and feeling free.

July 2015


How to Win Jobs and Influence People

A guide to nailing any interview with a potential boss.

September 2014


This Is My Thing: An Interview With Kathleen Hanna

On music, politics, working under an alias, and why cabaret is the most punk-rock thing out there now.

September 2013


Real-People Reviews

"Mary Goldenberg," December 2014

"Logan," August 2013


Enormous Eye

April 25, 2015, Part IV.

"As soon as I wear myself out, what wells up first is love."

April 2015